Mederi Care Therapeutics:

Exploring the Therapeutic Toolboxes

Discover the true meaning of integrative medicine.

Mederi Care is designed to empower practitioners by honing their clinical skills and improving patient outcomes - especially with complex conditions that require collaborative care teams. The Mederi Care model draws on concepts and ideas from a broad range of traditional medical systems, many of which have been developed through the empirical observation and application of medicine for millennia. It also draws heavily on the biomedical sciences, as well as on the early American Eclectic medical tradition.


Mederi Care combines all validated approaches to deliver the best results for your patients.

This course covers what we call the Six Therapeutic Toolboxes, which are the wide range of therapies used in Mederi Care. These six therapeutics are botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, diet, lifestyle, pharmaceuticals, and spiritual care. The course material explores each of the toolboxes individually, while elucidating the importance of combining all the therapeutic toolboxes into a comprehensive strategy for enhancing health and resisting disease.

Your purchase also includes exclusive access to our bi-weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with Donnie Yance, CN, RH (AHG) & Jason Miller, DACM, LAc!

Our courses are broken up into sections, which are organized by topic and learning objectives. Each section includes recorded presentations with our subject matter experts, relevant course materials, and assessments to help you track your progress (quizzes, short answer, and/or clinical correlate assignments). Bonus content includes presentation slides, speaker notes, research articles, and more!

Course Sections: 

  • Botanical Medicine Fundamentals: The Soul of Mederi Care Therapeutics¬†¬†
  • Foundations of Plant and Fungal Biology in Herbal Medicine
  • Foundations of Nutrition
    Diet and Lifestyle for Chronic Disease
  • Mederi Care Therapeutics: From Food to Nutrition to Botanical Medicine
  • The Five Toolboxes
  • The Sixth Toolbox - Spirituality and Spiritual Care in Collaborative Oncology
  • Using the 6 Toolboxes to Enhance Host Health and Resist Disease

After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  • Summarize how and why Botanical Medicine is the "soul" of Mederi Care.
  • Explain the role nutrition and diet play in Mederi Care.
  • Define pharmaceuticals and their role in the Mederi Care toolboxes.
  • Describe the continuum from food, to nutrition, to botanical medicine.
  • Explain what Spiritual Care is and its importance in Mederi Care.
  • Summarize how you will use all six toolboxes to enhance health and optimize wellness.

What you'll get:

  • 12+ hours of recorded webinars
  • Problem-based learning exercises
  • Live Q&As and "ask me anything" sessions with subject matter experts
  • Post-assessments
  • Bonus Content to including curated research papers, and more!
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Mark Bricca, ND, LAc

"I attended a combined 7 years of naturopathic and Chinese medical school, and I can honestly say that nowhere in that education did I encounter such a coherent, thoughtful, and heartfelt approach to the restoration of health and the treatment of cancer and other serious illness. I believe the Mederi Care/ETMS paradigm truly represents both the future and the best of medicine."

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