Cancer, The Disease
of Our Time:

From Traditional Principles to Genetic Signatures
and Molecular Markers

Elevate your cancer care practice.

From the earliest human records of tumors, cancer has played a significant role in human health and disease. This course reviews the evolution of our understanding of cancer from antiquity to the modern day - from the earliest naming conventions to modern day tumor genetics. With a specific emphasis on the role of botanical medicine, this course reviews key genes and pathways that are important targets for Mederi Care therapeutics. The relevance of specific tumor markers, as well as biological terrain markers are reviewed in the context of specific cancers, with special attention given to the most common cancers seen in the modern clinic.

We review the primary causes of cancer, from stress and toxins to microbial pathogens, and the role of the terrain in the prevention, inhibition, or promotion of cancer in the body. We also review some of the brilliant minds that have been influential in developing many of the therapeutic strategies employed in Mederi Care today. 

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Our courses are broken up into sections, which are organized by topic and learning objectives. Each section includes recorded presentations with our subject matter experts, relevant course materials, and assessments to help you track your progress (quizzes, short answer, and/or clinical correlate assignments). Bonus content includes presentation slides, speaker notes, research articles, and more!

Course Sections: 

  • Cancer in Medicine: Causes and Natural History
    • Earliest cancers
    • Definitions and naming
    • Causative agents
    • The terrain and permissivity
    • Influential minds and strategies
    • Cancer in TCM
  • Cancer Genetics and Botanical Medicine
    • Fundamentals of cancer genetics
    • Targeting key genes and pathways with botanical medicine
  • Understanding the Role of Tumor Markers in Disease Assessment
    • Specificity, applications, and limitations
  • Evaluating Biological Terrain Markers for Common Cancers (Breast, Prostate, Lung, and Colon): Putting Together the Pieces

After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  • Summarize the causes and natural history of cancer.
  • Explain the fundamentals of cancer genetics and how they apply to natural medicine.
  • Discuss how to target key genes and pathways with botanical medicine.
  • Summarize the role tumor markers play in disease assessment.
  • Evaluate biological terrain markers for common cancers.

What you'll get:

  • 8+ hours of recorded webinars¬†with integrative oncology experts
  • Problem-based learning exercises
  • Live Q&As and "ask me anything" sessions with subject matter experts
  • Post-assessments
  • Bonus Content to including curated research papers, and more!

What our students are saying...

"No provider, especially in the field of oncology, should even consider treating people with cancer without this training. It opens up a whole new world that so many people can benefit from. The expertise of the teachers in this course is overwhelming." ~ Laura Pasternak, M.D.

It's time to elevate your cancer care practice.

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